Plugging You In… [BA Curated Playlist #3]

Trap’s Fun | Curated by BA Yenn

This week’s theme is trap. Be sure to comment on the playlist if you like it and let us know what genre you want to hear next!

BA Playlist Week 3

1) Killercats – Magnetic
2) KSHMR – Jammu (Karl Hungus Remix)
3) SCRVP X Apato – Cadenza
4) Snails & HeRobust – Pump This (VIP)
5) Hellberg – The Girl (Mr FijiWiji Remix)
6) W&W & Headhunterz – We Control The Sound (RDMPTN Festival Trap Remix)
7) Lucian X Remmi – Bobby K
8) TWIIG – Babylon (Zetich Remix)
9) Peacemakers – Gonna Party Like
10) LEViTATE x HPNTK – Bazaar (ft. Jay Battle)
11) The Weeknd – The Hills (HXV BLURRED REMIX)
12) Oliver Heldens – Melody (ANGEMI Ü Trap Bootleg)

Album Review: Axel Thesleff – The Hollow Men

Written by BA Henchman.Axel is a very interesting artist, but then again, he probably got popular in quite the usual way. You’ve probably heard his most popular song, Bad Karma.

Now at 5 million+ views at the time of writing, this song has definitely blown up far bigger than Axel could have imagined. While a truly great song (I’d encourage you all to listen to it), a year on, let’s see where he is at now.

The Hollow Men – I

Compared to Bad Karma, The Hollow Men is definitely a step down towards chill, as it is a switch from the trappy feel we heard before to a more low tempo, 4 to the floor beat which slowly chugs along. This is certainly brought by the oscillating main synth which slowly grows as the initial introduction speech plays out…

With the blend that the oscillating synth and the meandering vocal-like synth create, Axel has greatly succeeded in making that rich, melancholic vibe we heard before, with such a rich harmony that gently but joyfully bounces along.

I love it already.

As the first of 5 songs, appropriately named “I”, draws to a close, I begin to wonder where the last 6 minutes went. As it draws out, he experiments with different sounds and timbres, fading the beautiful distorting ostinato slowly with glistening bells in the background.


The second song opens up the stage and what a compliment it is. A gracious fade into ambient style, with a drone wallowing in the background. I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of emptiness, darkness, and a looming fear of the unknown.

And then the drums kick in. A future garage feel, aided by the synth, until extra percussion begins to accompany into a Latin-like beat. As soon as the augmented vocals kick in, I recognise something.

Here’s the sound I fell head over heels in love with, beautifully hand crafted vocals, geniuosly put together in a wonderful ostinato. The harmony lines fully recreate the sense of melancholy from Bad Karma.

Good job Axel, good job, you made my eyes water with happiness.


As II fades out its brutally clean, reverberated pattern, III starts, and I don’t know what to expect this time.

It’s an unusual beginning. A very dusty feel of crackling vinyl and a lead synth line that appears to go nowhere, dipping around, trying to find something that is lost, until…

For the first time, female vocals jump in, with a choir-like backing. Shivers run down my spine. Beautiful, uplifting, powerful.

I wasn’t actually prepared for what came next. Thunderous bass synths pop in with oscillating, high pitched synths, finally with drums. The whole sound feels full and rich. “Trundle” is a word uttered by the speech samples chosen, and the song does groove along, almost trundling. The hi hat patterns feel like they clash, perhaps intentional to really stretch the drum groove out.

Either way, it works, and I don’t know how.

As the whistling synths fade out, accompanied by a piano, I feel left with a sense of both foreboding and melancholic happiness.


Loud synths begin this piece, adding to the sense of foreboding from before, with that dusty vinyl crackle back again. A new speech to introduce this begins…

“…the hope only, of empty men”

And bam! The groove starts again, like a well oiled machine, with a glitchy future dark garage-like groove again, and a darkwave synth to accompany this dirty, grunge-y feel. The percussion is rather IDM at this point, with clicks and pops typical of the genre. As the songs progress, this only increases with the nature the synths begin to take on.

The song crescendo’s massively. Axel has created such a powerful sound by this point, it’s amazing. I can’t help but bob my head up and down.

Suddenly, the energy dissipates. And we’re left with the synth from the beginning, and that foreboding feel once more.


As IV fades out and V fades in, the emotion is very different. Suddenly a very urban feel, with voices, children shouting, and other percussive noises simulating the feeling of an urban atmosphere.

These noises fade out, to a robotic voice with heavy reverb and echo. And as I begin to expect a sort of Daft Punk feel, suddenly, hip hop like beats hit.

“This is the way the world ends…”

Beautiful, absolutely fucking beautiful. You got me shivering again.

A switch back to the 4 to the floor beat with an off beat hi hat pattern and syncopated vocals and bass drums. This presents a really interesting feeling.

V really brings the piece to a close. I don’t know what emotions I’m left with, watery eyes, sadness, melancholy. If I had to describe this album in one word, it would have to be melancholy.

Higher pitched, trance like synths aid to the onlooking feel of the future, shifting the perspective that time doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m sad the song ended, and thus the ending of the album.


Wow, what a fantastic album.

My favorite pieces have probably got to be II or V, with such emotion packed into them, it’s hard to ignore!

Definitely check it out if you can, I really really loved this album as a whole. Especially the well crafted harmony progressions and just that outstanding melancholic feel that reigns all the way through every piece that he creates here. Well done.

Top 10 Grabs (7/20/15 – 7/26/15)

This week’s Top 10 brought to you by BA Hibiscuits.

10. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

Last Week: #6
Peak: #5

9. Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

Last Week: #8
Peak: #8

8. Meg & Dia – Monster (DotEXE Dupstep Remix)

Last Week: #5
Peak: #5


7. Eiffel 65 – Blue (KNY Factory Remix) *NEW*

Ah, “Blue” – the song that was prone to many, many misheard or made-up lyrics, like “if I were green I would die” or “I peed on a guy.” This trap remix of the 1999 Europop hit is a lot less silly, with hard-hitting beats that build into a really impressive breakdown. KNY Factory brings 1999 to today in the best way possible.

6. Redfoo – New Thang (Official Video)

Last Week: #5
Peak: #5

5. New Electro 2015 #1 – Minion Remix Song #1

Last Week: #7
Peak: #5

4. Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)

Last week: #2
Peak: #1

3. Dr. Dre – The Next Episode (San Holo Remix)

Last Week: #4
Peak: #3

2. OMFG – Hello

Last Week: #1
Peak: #1

1. Jetta – I’d Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix)

Last Week: #2
Peak: #1









Plugging You In… [BA Curated Playlist #2]

Curated by BA Gummy

We decided to call our weekly playlists Plugging You In… for all the real fans :)

This week’s theme is dubstep. Be sure to comment on the playlist if you like it and let us know what genre you want to hear next!

BA Playlist Week 2

1) BH – Run Away
2) Jaymes Young – Moondust (Sound Remedy Remix)
3) Mark Rosas – Higher (The NEF Project Remix)
4) Cosmos by Clark Kent & Yinyues (Skrux & Complexion Remix)
5) Kill Paris ft. Royal – Operate (Illenium Remix)
6) Urban Contact – Aurora (Original Mix) [FREE DL]
7) Intense – Dawn
8) Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)
9) Aruna – The End (Culture Code Remix) [OUT NOW]
10) Crywolf – Neverland ft. Charity Lane
11) Galantis – Gold Dust (Illenium Remix)
12) Mike Tompkins – Stars Align (Sub.Sound Remix)
13) Illenium x Said The Sky – In Your Wake (Ft. Jeza)


Gamers’ Quarter: Dfieldmark Interview

BA Taz chatted with Minecraft YouTuber, Dfieldmark, to learn more about how he got into streaming and why he uses

Hey there! How are you doing today?

Hey, I’m doing absolutely fantastic.

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do? 

My name is Dfield and I’m a Minecraft YouTuber and I use plugdj to just talk with you guys and just be able to play music for the entire community while I’m on a livestream.

How did you get into streaming and how often do you stream? 

I stream about two to three times a week, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. It really depends on how busy I am. I kinda just got into it because I love the live interactions, I’ve been livestreaming for about a year and a half and started it because of the Minecraft community.

What’s the best thing about what you do, and why?

Ooh, I think the best thing about what I do in terms of like streaming and just YouTube in general is probably just being able to talk to people from all around the world. People from the US, and from the UK, Australia and worldwide and just being able to connect with those people on a deeper level than just you know, saying “hi” or watching videos on livestream, it’s a completely different atmosphere and talking to that person.

Where do you hope to be in five years’ time? 

Ooh, I hope to be in something YouTube related whether it be still recording gaming videos or you know, maybe moving onto other stuff but there’s no limit as to what I can or can’t do. Just kind of see what opportunities present themselves in the next couple of years and then take the right ones and hopefully get to somewhere greater than where I already am.

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to start streaming? 

Tips for people who want to start streaming, it’s going to start off really slow. I mean honestly, if you keep at it, stream every day or every two days or so, and just try to keep a normal streaming schedule so that people can know when to expect that you’re live. That’s probably one of the best things I can tell you, ‘cos obviously if you’re gonna be streaming once every week or whatever, people are not really going to want to come back if you’re very rarely on. Try to set a schedule that fits into your normal schedule and stream on those hours so that you can get these concurrent viewers that’ll keep wanting to come back.

You’re a popular streamer that uses as a music source for your streams. What makes you choose to use is probably the only website that I know of where everyone can listen to the same exact music all at the same time, like in one room. I honestly can’t think of any other website that does that. I mean like yeah, you have Pandora or YouTube but it’s not like you can actually line up to play a specific song that you want and then everybody listens to it and then you know, they can like it, there’s a chat room. Everything that you ever need for a listening room is all on that website so that’s why I’ve loved it ever since I found out about it. It’s quite unique and I honestly can’t think of any other website that does something like this, just playing and grabbing the videos from YouTube – I’ve never seen anything like this.

We have a new app coming out for Android and iOS – what do you think about that?

I can’t wait until goes mobile, so many people have been asking for months on months “when’s gonna go mobile?” or something like that and it’s just something to look forward to, so it’s gonna be awesome.

What’s your favorite aspect of as a music source?

The uniqueness of the website, definitely. Getting feedback on the songs you’re playing- how many people like or haven’t heard it before.

Do you hang out in other rooms off stream? If so, which ones? 

I don’t really go into the bigger rooms but, yeah, there are some nights where some of us are chilling on TeamSpeak editing our videos, watching whatever or playing video games and on the side we’ll hop into a private room and we’ll have somebody DJ-ing or showing us new music. I use private rooms a little bit off of streams as well.

Is your name Chris, or is it Mark? Did you really move your window, or did you move to Chile? 

Definitely a little bit of both, my name is Chris – but not really, if that makes any sense. And, Chile’s a pretty good place it’s a nice country and I’m loving it here, so yeah. [This question got a lot of laughter, I can’t imagine why!]

Where can we find you outside of

Outside of YouTube you can find me on all my social media, on Twitter as well. It’s Dfieldmark for all, except for my Instagram which is therealdfield. [Check out the links below!]

Is there anything else you’d like to say? 

I would like to thank in general for having such an amazing community where you can bring in a whole bunch of people and just be able to share music like I’ve just found so many more types and genres of music that I might not have found otherwise by listening to Pandora or any of those other websites. So yeah, that’s a big thank you to this website – just being able to foster that type of community is a fantastic job so quick shoutout to them. As long as the mobile app is coming out, that’s probably the only thing that I’m waiting for in terms of – you guys have been doing everything perfectly in terms of fixing lag issues and all of that stuff so I’m just waiting for that mobile app. Thanks so much.