BA Spotlight: Margotron

Here is BA Margotron’s well-deserved spotlight! Her hard work can be seen helping community members, answering questions on our Facebook page, and always trying to improve the BA program by finding new ways to help others. Be sure to congratulate her if you see her!

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She’s a bit crazy about red pandas.

What is your username on and where do you like to hang out?

My name is margotron, and my home on plug is the I ♥ the 80s and 90s room, a community I love dearly!

Hoot! Hoot! {0v0}

Where are you from? What do you do for fun when you’re not on

I am from the United States, born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’ve been living in the “live music capital of the world” (Austin, Texas) for over 10 years. I don’t have much free time these days, but Austin has a lot to offer and my husband and I like to discover new places and restaurants, ride our bikes through town, and walk our dogs along the river park. When I can, I love to play djembe and djundjun (West African hand drums) with a group in Austin.

Are you in school? Do you have a job?

Yes to both!  I’ve been working for a while and am starting a graduate degree this year. I’m really excited for the opportunity to be a student again. :)

What music and artists are you excited about right now?

My favorites from the 80s and 90s include Genesis, Alanis Morrissette, Garbage, Cranberries, Pat Benatar, The Offspring, Chicago, Moby, Daft Punk … and more. A new artist that I’ve recently been introduced to through Neveragain_gc in Just a Chill Room is Elliot Berger. His Diamond Sky track is lovely and calming on a stressful day. Other artists I enjoy are Phantogram, Ed Sheeran, Arctic Monkeys, Elllie Goulding. Can’t forget Rude by Magic!

What inspires you to be a Brand Ambassador?

I have been impressed since day one by the welcoming and open manner in which interacts with its community. I really believe in’s mission to develop an international community around music, and I want to be a part of the group getting us to that goal. I’m thankful and honored to help users connect with people and music through Continue reading

Interview with Elliot Berger

New interview alert! BA Neveragain_Gc had the pleasure of sitting down with Elliot Berger, a UK-based producer/DJ. Questions range from his production process to his experiences with Read on for a great interview, and then scope his various pages on Soundcloud, YouTube, his website, Facebook and Twitter.

Hi Elliot! Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a Chillout, maybe “Heavy Chillout” producer. I live in London and I am 21 years old. Right now I’m studying Creative Music Technology, aiming to finish with a Bachelor’s Degree next summer.

You mainly produce Melodic Dubstep. What was the first Dubstep track you heard and how has it inspired you?

The first Dubstep song I heard was Tek One’s “Broken String.” I can actually remember this because it inspired me to start producing Dubstep. I got addicted and started listening to more Dubstep, like Skrillex, who has been an inspiration, too. Once I started trying it out, it happened to be quite Melodic. I didn’t plan it to be Melodic, but maybe the fact that I started to play the violin at the age of six had an influence on this!

You are interacting with quite a lot, playing at several events and casually hang out on the site, too. What do you like the most about and in which communities can we find you?

There are multiple things I like. First of all, the interactive way of sharing music is a lot different from other sites like Soundcloud and YouTube. If you want feedback you can just play a song and ask the crowd for their opinion and get instant answers. You can also discover a lot of new music that you would have never listened to otherwise. I also think that the anonymity is really nice for shy people. It makes it easier to chat with them.

The communities I visit are Just A Chill Room…, Radiant and occasionally Tastycat. Sometimes I am in my own community and just listen to music with some friends and fans.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.05.11 PMWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of producing a song on your own versus working with another producer or vocalist?

When you produce on your own you have to rely on yourself. That can be both positive and negative. You don’t have to wait for others, which sometimes can be frustrating (not excluding myself from this).

A problem of producing on your own is running out of ideas. In that case, producing with someone else is definitely helpful. Then again, working with another producer includes a lot of messages and file transfers before both sides are happy with the outcome. When I work with vocalists, I basically send them a rough finished instrumental and let them do their magic. If things go smoothly, you only need 2-3 file transfers until the song is finalized. Continue reading

Welcome to the new!

You might have gone to our site today and realized it looks a bit different ;).
Welcome to the new,! Besides a completely rewritten backend, to provide you more stability, there are a few new things to check out and even more on the way. Here’s a quick guide to our new look:

Watch this!

What’s New With The Update

Brand New Login Page

You probably noticed our Login page looks completely new! We have reworked the page to make it easier to Log In or Sign Up. We have also created an email+password login system along with Facebook log in to make account recovery faster than ever.

Important: If you used Twitter or Google to log in before this update, you will need to transfer your account. We have laid out how the walkthrough works on our FAQ. It’s super easy and only takes 3 steps to transfer your account!

Dashboard (Formerly, the Lobby)

Our Dashboard also has a brand new look to make your community pop out better than ever!

News is now located at the top of the Dashboard and scrolls through the most recent blog posts, which can include everything from plug tips to interviews of artists you have heard playing on our site! Simply click to be directed to the blog.

We also now have an Event Calendar link located on our Dashboard to ensure you know where the best parties to go to are and when they are happening. You can always set your own event through that link too, so you can get your own party started!


The Communities listed on the Dashboard have also been updated to show the thumbnail of the current song playing! You can also scroll over to find out more details about the community.

DJ History

Also note that DJ History is now located by clicking the icon next to the current song playing IN a community.

Private Profile

Also new to the new plug is your Profile, which will remain private until you officially unlock the new public version. Under your profile you can purchase Avatars in the Avatar Shop and see which Avatars you have purchased.

You can also create your community here once you reach Level 3! Once you have created a community, you can easily access it under My Communities at any time.

There are a few more small surprises you will notice as you start using the site, so be on the lookout for those!

What is Coming

We have the new site updated, which means bigger parties that can last longer than ever. With this new site update, we can now focus on bringing you new features faster and more often than ever before. Here is what we are already planning:


Fans did not make it over to this update, but only to make way for the really awesome Friends system that will be coming soon! The Friends system will allow you to add people to your Friends list. Friends list will also allow us to make way for

Private Chat

This feature is a little farther down the pipeline, but something we are looking forward to bringing you! Private chat will allow you to chat with your Friends one-on-one on

Positive Vibes

We will also be implementing Positive Vibes, which will allow you to give extra props to people who are doing some awesome things on the site! It is a nice way to say, “hey, you rock!”

Update on Launch

We have rolled back the database so everyone will be able to transfer their accounts again, since we know many of you wanted another chance to choose your username and resolve any login method issues.

Remember to click the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ option to get your account set up on the new site. Avoid using the email+password until after you have transferred your already existing account.

Make sure you set the username you want and please check for any typos!

We will be available through our Support Desk to help you with any specific account issues.

In addition, we will posting on our blog a list of any common bugs that are reported so you know what we will be looking into.

Current Issues we are aware of and which are queued to be worked on:

  • Account Already Exists issue
  • Username change after you Submit it (ie you type Username and it changes it to just User)
  • Chat Issue with chat from one community spilling into another community
  • Stuck at welcome page issue
  • Muting someone is not being listed


Maduk Interview

And now we have reached the last of BA Rowan Ruseler’s Liquicity interviews. After sitting down with DexcellL.A.O.S. and Feint, we now have his interview with Maduk. Only 23 years old and based in Amsterdam, Maduk is one of the most promising new talents in the DnB scene. He has a unique style and is not afraid to explore different sounds. Be sure to check out his music! 321801_223953087700001_1687670882_o You’re the same age as me and from the same country, so what music inspired you at a young age?

I used to listen to a lot of The Offspring, but besides that, not really all that much music inspired me. Around the age of seven or eight, I started playing the guitar, but my real inspiration came at the age of 16 when I first started listening to DnB on YouTube. At the age of 18 I started to produce music myself.

Can you describe your sound in a fun way in six words or less?


What is your second favorite genre music?

I create DnB as Maduk, and Techhouse as Marcus, so yeah, my ‘second’ favorite genre is Techhouse.

If you could give advice to other young aspiring musicians, what would you say?

Always wear earplugs– I can’t state out how important this is. When you want to make mixes, the drop down is so important and if you ruin your ears, creating music will only become harder. Also, keep making new songs and don’t stick to a certain song for too long.

What do you use to produce your music these days?

Logic, software instruments, Vocalist.