It’s Time To Say Goodbye

In 2012, we set out to make a product for music fans that we knew people would love to connect through. Since its birth, has grown into a community of millions that have been on the forefront of musical discovery, with 20,000 new users trying out the service every day. We can’t begin to explain how much fun we’ve had on this adventure with everyone. We’ve made new friends with a worldwide audience, we’ve been introduced to genres we didn’t even know existed, and we’ve wooted more songs than we can count, but sadly it’s time to say goodbye.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get enough support through our subscribers to keep the site running month to month. We’re truly thankful for the donations we received that helped keep the site up until now. If it wasn’t for you, the site would have shut down 3 weeks ago. For the people who are currently subscribed, all active subscriptions will be cancelled today. At 3PM PDT we’ll be shutting our doors.

Thanks again for plugging in. It was a wild party!

The Team

P.S. For those looking for a playlist export tool:

Gift A Friend, Support

It’s like Christmas morning! Many of you have been asking for a way to gift subscriptions to others and we heard you loud and clear.

That’s why we’ve introduced subscription gifting!

You can now gift Silver and Gold subscription time in 1 month increments up to 12 months. Simply click on your friend’s Avatar in a community or their name in chat to see the Gift Subscription option.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.35.24 AM

You can gift with PayPal and credit card payment options, and we’re looking to add paysafe/Boleto as quickly as we can.

Rumor has it that Silver subscribers also get a silver crown icon next to their name in chat. Make your friends feel great with this fun gift while you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve supported :)

Important Changes: Silver and Gold Subscriptions

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us through our crowdfunding campaign by donating, subscribing or buying epic content. We’re blown away by your support, and it truly shows how valuable is in your daily lives.

With that said, we’ve still got a ways to go by September 28th to keep up and running. In order to push us closer to our crucial goal, we’re introducing a $1 monthly subscription plan which will grant all of the perks a account has to offer.

$1/month Silver subscription:

  • Unlimited playlists
  • Import playlists and favorites from YouTube and SoundCloud
  • Host up to 10 communities
  • Fund the development of new features, including mobile!
  • Most importantly, help keep up and running

$2.99/month Gold subscription (previous subscription):

  • All of the perks that come with a Silver subscription
  • Unlimited access to ALL current and future Subscriber Avatars and Badges
  • An exclusive subscriber chat icon and name color
  • No level restrictions on any Avatar
  • Send Plug Points as gifts
  • Chat slow-mode halved
  • Post images in chat
  • No advertisements in chat

For users that cannot subscribe or donate, you can still use the site as a guest or with a restricted account.

Non-subscriber accounts can still DJ and use the site normally, but can only access 1 playlist and be the host of 1 community. Once Silver subscriptions are turned on today, whatever your current active playlist is, that will be your 1 playlist. You will be able to access the rest of your playlists once you become a Silver or Gold subscriber. Your old playlists will not be deleted should you decide to subscribe at a later date. (Note: Existing users that have more than 1 community will remain Hosts of their communities; only new users will be limited to host 1 community as a non-subscriber.)

For donators, both new and old, every dollar donated grants you one month of Silver time to your account (e.g. if you donate $12 you’ll have 12 months of Silver subscription status added to your account).

We know this is a big change for everyone, but the alternative is that will shut down, which nobody wants.

It’s super important we reach our funding goal so that we can continue to run and build new features we’ve been dying to work on. Our goal is to get as close to 30% as we can by September 28th. Please help keep our community going by donating and getting a Silver or Gold subscription today!

What does plug mean to you?

Hey everyone, Brand Ambassador sinful here. I know this recent news of plug getting close to shutting down due to running out of funding has been quite of a shock to all of us, especially those who have grown to love the site so much.

The concept of (and another older site, is quite amazing to me, and I’ve been a user from autumn of 2011, always keeping myself updated with the paths both sites took. The ability to interact and connect with users through music internationally means so much more than the average social media site, and its basis of music isn’t just to listen to what you like to play and hear, but to further learn and figure out about genres, artists, albums, songs, sites, programs, and much, much more.

Now I know there are plenty of other sites similar to that may offer close to the same experience, though perhaps not on the same level, but the main point to this post is what makes plug special. Throughout my years on the site, and becoming a Brand Ambassador, I’ve made plenty of valuable friendships, learned numerous skills in leadership, management, and community support, figured out the career I wanted to follow, and gained experience in programming and web development. All these things I gained from being part of this wonderful community are things that have made the person I am today, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

My question for our community, new users and old users, is what does the site mean to you? I’ve heard and seen so many friendships being built, including relationships. Chances where people have been able to meet up with each other, go to events, play video games online, watch movies together, and other miraculous things. Along with that, most of us have witnessed all the interesting and fantastic scripts & extensions our fellow community members have made. All these skills, careers, memories, experiences, and stories we have created are what make this community what it is, a family, although not everyone gets along or likes the same things.

I don’t want to lose this. I don’t want to lose so much that has been a part of me for the last 4 years, and I’m positive many others feel the same way. Yes, many of us may be able to keep in touch if the site were to go down, but will everything we’ve made stay together or be the same? Will we forgot about all the great times we’ve had and people we’ve become?

I hope this meant something to anyone reading this, because this site truly is something special and would benefit from everyone’s support.

You can donate to help keep the site alive here:

AMA from the President of

Post your favorite stories, experiences, and memories that you’ve gained from being a part of this wonderful community below! I would love to hear them.


Thanks for reading,
sinful | Brett

Donate To Keep Us Plugged In!

It has come to the point that the costs of running exceeds the income that we are generating, and that could prove disastrous to the future of if we don’t make some important changes very soon.

We have already scaled back our operating costs to the bare minimum in the hope that we can keep our servers online, the music pumping and the community connected.

We are dedicated to doing everything that we possibly can to keep alive! But we can’t do it alone. We also need YOUR help!

If 6% of the people who use each month donated just $6 today, or if 10% donated $1 each, we’d hit our goal needed to operate for the next 6+ months, build an Android app and pursue other fundraising opportunities. Without your help, we cannot continue to build the community we’ve all grown to love.


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