Update on Launch

We have rolled back the database so everyone will be able to transfer their accounts again, since we know many of you wanted another chance to choose your username and resolve any login method issues.

Remember to click the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ option to get your account set up on the new site. Avoid using the email+password until after you have transferred your already existing account.

Make sure you set the username you want and please check for any typos!

We will be available through our Support Desk to help you with any specific account issues.

In addition, we will posting on our blog a list of any common bugs that are reported so you know what we will be looking into.

Current Issues we are aware of and which are queued to be worked on:

  • Account Already Exists issue
  • Username change after you Submit it (ie you type Username and it changes it to just User)
  • Chat Issue with chat from one community spilling into another community
  • Stuck at welcome page issue
  • Muting someone is not being listed


Maduk Interview

And now we have reached the last of BA Rowan Ruseler’s Liquicity interviews. After sitting down with DexcellL.A.O.S. and Feint, we now have his interview with Maduk. Only 23 years old and based in Amsterdam, Maduk is one of the most promising new talents in the DnB scene. He has a unique style and is not afraid to explore different sounds. Be sure to check out his music! 321801_223953087700001_1687670882_o You’re the same age as me and from the same country, so what music inspired you at a young age? I used to listen to a lot of The Offspring, but besides that, not really all that much music inspired me. Around the age of seven or eight, I started playing the guitar, but my real inspiration came at the age of 16 when I first started listening to DnB on YouTube. At the age of 18 I started to produce music myself. Can you describe your sound in a fun way in six words or less? Euphoric. What is your second favorite genre music? I create DnB as Maduk, and Techhouse as Marcus, so yeah, my ‘second’ favorite genre is Techhouse. If you could give advice to other young aspiring musicians, what would you say? Always wear earplugs– I can’t state out how important this is. When you want to make mixes, the drop down is so important and if you ruin your ears, creating music will only become harder. Also, keep making new songs and don’t stick to a certain song for too long. What do you use to produce your music these days? Logic, software instruments, Vocalist.

A Message About Our Launch

To our wonderfully patient community members,

We want to express our sincerest apologies for the delay with the update. We are continually working on this update and we will notify you when we have a specific date for launch.

From here on out, we will be working to make launches run more smoothly in the future.

For now, will be adding support immediately after launch to help you on the new site and ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Added Support will include:

  • A live chat feature on sign up
  • More people working our support desk (you can reach out by emailing support@plug.dj)
  • An updated FAQ page
  • More BAs available at the Live Support Community

In addition, the update will now include an added Mute feature for staff of communities. Someone who is Muted will remain in the community (unlike a ban), but will not be able to type in the chat within that community.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Kindest Regards,

BA Spotlight: Fungus

Congratulate BA Fungus for earning this month’s BA Spotlight! Some of you might recognize him from the Tastycat staff. He more than earned his title for this month by constantly helping out people both within his community and throughout plug.dj. He is always happy to help out as many people as he can and makes sure everyone feels welcome on the site!

1. What is your username on plug.dj and where do you like to hang out?

My username’s Fungus! I joined plug.dj in July of 2012, just a little over two years from the time I write this, to attend an event hosted by Tasty Network. I stayed up all night just to get through the wait list and play a song. Worth it.

You’ve probably seen me hang out in Tastycat, the room I manage. And worship. I’ve been regularly visiting this room since December of 2012, jamming out to EDM and making a fool out of myself. I try to visit other communities too (though I don’t do it as much as I should be [working on it!]), and some rooms that have caught my eye lately are Dubstep For Your Nipples, Anime Games Music, and Connect The Songs. Shout-outs to Sheepy’s, Radiant, AnimeMusic.me, and Trap City! Just in case I happen to visit your community, please have cookies or pizza ready for me, and all will go smoothly.

2. What music and artists are you excited about right now?

I pretty much only listen to electronic music, but I’m open when it comes to the sub-genres. I have these “phases” where I get addicted to a certain genre. I’m digging Deep House lately! (If you see me, please please please recommend me some artists) Some of my previous phases featured Drum & Bass, Progressive House, Trance, Heavy Dubstep, Hard Electro, and Trap/Hybrid. I’d say my all-time favorites are Progressive House and Drum & Bass.

I get excited over too many artists. I’m a die-hard Audien and Vicetone fanboy, I’m in love with Zeds Dead and Kai Wachi, I flip out when Maduk and Kove start playing on plug, and I’m a huge fan of SNAILS and Aero Chord. Some others include Omnia, Chris Schweizer, Kat Krazy, Project 46, Apashe, Au5, Fractal, Koven, Oliver Heldens, Keeno, Flite, Smooth, Woody… The list goes on and on!

Call me a Monstercat fanboy, but I always look forward to the music Monstercat puts out every week, especially lately. The recent song by Grabbitz, Here With You Now, is fantastic, and so is Laszlo and WRLD’s collaboration You & Me. I’m also looking forward to new Liquicity uploads, and this awesome channel called Drop The Bassline is nice too.

Recent killer music releases? Logistics’ new album, Polyphony! It’s Drum & Bass and it’s amazing. Keeno also recently released his Life Cycle album, which contains his song Scripted. It’s probably my favorite track ever right now. Listen to it. As for future releases, I’m a huge fan of Haywyre’s Two Fold Pt. 1 album. The Schism and Dichotomy are simply amazing. I can’t wait for Part 2!

3. Where are you from? What do you do for fun when you’re not on plug.dj?

I was born in Québec, Canada! My whole family is francophone, and yes, I am fluent in French (though I’ve been losing it since I don’t really get the chance to practice it). I’ve lived in several different places in Canada, including Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Outside of plug.dj, I listen to more music, I code, eat food (please send me some pizza), study, game (League of Legends, NA), game with friends (Smash Bros.!)… I’ve actually tried getting into making music mixes lately, and I think it’s pretty fun! I made this awesome Hybrid Trap mix and you should check it out if you can find my Soundcloud ;) In the winter, I snowboard! I’ve mostly boarded in the Rockies, but I’d love to go to Europe to snowboard some day.

4. Are you in school, or do you have a job?

Currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta. It’s definitely an interesting program and I feel like I belong in that field! I love programming, figuring out algorithms, and solving problems. In the future, I don’t really know for who I’d like to work or exactly what kind of job I want, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon. I love leading, teaching, and helping, so perhaps that can come into play!

5. What are some things you hope to accomplish personally next year?

This kind of thing never works for me, but here goes anyway. I’m trying to learn a bit of Portuguese because there are many users from Brazil on the site and I’d like to be able to communicate with them without either side needing Google Translate. I’d also like to start working out. Of course, improving my grades would be fantastic too. I want to go snowboarding soon. I miss it so much. Finally, I’ve had my eye on Python for a while now, and would love to learn to code with it in the near future.

6. What inspires you to be a Brand Ambassador?

Like I mentioned earlier, I love helping people. I figured, since helping people is something I like, and I’m kinda addicted to plug (understatement of the year), why not try to help out while enjoying myself? Now that I’m a BA, what really gets me and inspires me every time is the kind things people have to say. Even if I’m not helping them out, if I’m just hanging out, talking, sharing music, people always have something nice to say and every little thing you say does hit home. It makes me want to be a better BA, and a better person, really. So, thanks guys ^-^ Much love.

7. How do you contribute to the plug.dj community as a BA?

Since I spend most of my time on plug.dj in the most populous community, I get to welcome and introduce dozens of new users to the site every day. I like making sure they know what plug’s all about, why we love it, and why they should stick around and become part of the community! I’m a part of the support task force, meaning I get to answer some of your support tickets sent to us, and can help you with pretty much any issue you have (no, I will not do your homework, and I can’t fix your sleep schedule if I can’t even fix mine). I’m friendly to everyone I meet on plug so I can brighten up their day. I contribute ideas and suggestions to the BA community in the hopes that positive change is made.

I think one of the most important parts of it all is knowing how to have fun and being down-to-earth. You can’t be stone-cold serious all the time and expect to get good feedback on what you’re doing for plug. I love to joke around with users and talk to them like I don’t have a green name, because I’ve used this site for so long as a regular user and I know how it’s like.

8. Why do you love plug.dj? What’s the most exciting thing about plug.dj?

I think for most, the best part about plug.dj is the amazing diversity of music that you can find on it. People are always playing great songs for you to fill your playlists, revealing artists you’ve never heard of, telling you about upcoming releases or reminding you that a particular song existed for a while now. For others, the best part is the community. We are all gathered on plug.dj with similar interests in music, gaming, movies, television shows, bread brands, and it’s easy to make friends because of that. The vast majority of the users on plug.dj are friendly, approachable, and respectful, and that is definitely something to love.

For me, there are two big things that make plug.dj so unique. First, listening to and finding new music on plug is great, but the real excitement, what keeps people going, the cherry on the top of the sundae, is SHARING your music! I’d put a quote here that I read a few weeks ago, but I forgot where I found it.  Anyway, it went something like this: “It is human nature to want to share your happiness and experiences with others.” And when I read it, I immediately thought of plug. I always get this amazing feeling when I’m up next on the DJ booth, with a fresh, new song lined up that I found a couple of minutes ago. It’s like human nature to want to hear others’ opinions and get their approval, and plug.dj is no exception. I love seeing people grab my songs and say how much they like them. The best part is that it doesn’t end there: those people will share that song with others, with their friends, perhaps in another plug.dj community!

The other big thing I feel plug has going for itself is the international aspect of it. I feel like people undervalue this so much (as did I in the past), but a few weeks ago I realized how amazing it actually is. I’ve been gaming online for years now, so why should it be so special all of a sudden? The thing about most online games or communities is that they are region-locked, or have different servers for different parts of the world! So I can say I’ve been gaming online for years, playing with people from “around the world”, but that’s not really true: I’ve always played with people near me. plug.dj is pretty much the first time I’m truly in such close contact with people from all over the world. I have friends in Australia, Denmark, Hungary, America, the other side of Canada, Brazil, France, and I think that’s amazing! plug.dj is “dedicated to building positive international communities for sharing and discovering music” and not many companies out there are fortunate enough to say the same.

9. What’s the most common question you get about plug.dj, and how do you answer it?

The most common I get is “How do you get the cat avatar??” along with some variation of “What is your rank?”, but the best are always a play on my username. People feel the need to make a comment about it all the time. “Are you a fun-guy?” “Do you like mushrooms?” “Are you the thing under my toenails?” I’ve heard aaaallll of them. If you think you have a new one, come find me, and if I haven’t heard it before, I’ll give you a cookie.*

*While supplies last. I have about 54 left. I’m getting pretty hungry.

10. Any final thoughts, advice or shoutouts you’d like to share?

Before doing any shoutouts or last comments, I’d like to make you all realize just how hard the admins of the site have been working to make plug.dj the best possible place. As I write this, they are heavily testing the new update, fixing bugs, preparing support rooms, getting new translations done, writing new FAQs, it’s really non-stop behind the scenes. You don’t get to see 90% of what’s going on for the admins, and even us BAs don’t get to see most of it either. Steven, one of the developers (and CEO), just said he left the plug office: it’s past midnight. He and the entire admin team have been working extra hours and putting in 200% efforts into making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, and I respect that a lot. If you see them on plug (they have blue usernames), give them a pat on the back and tell them how awesome they are. Pizza is also appreciated. Jeff gets the corners though.

Shoutout time! Every single one of you in Tastycat. I love you. You make my day every day. Even when I should be feeling down or frustrated or angry or sad, you always find a way to make me smile and laugh. Keep it up, seriously. Keep being awesome. Shoutout to Celivas, RaptorJeebus, and Bagon, my fellow managers <3. Shoutout to all you bouncers too. Keep bouncing. Shoutout to all you regular users who come back every day to hang out, chat, and play some sweet tunes. You’re what makes the ground shake.

Special shoutouts to Naralith for being super amazing, all the slugs :^), Neveragain_gc and Kinno for giving me the opportunity to lead, and Livia for putting up with all of our shenanigans.

Here’s to plug.dj’s future. We’re just getting started.

The Perfect Summer Playlist, courtesy of plug.dj’s BAs!

BA AgLikeSilver wrote up an awesome recap of a recent summer-themed plug.dj party. Read on and listen to some perfect summer-y music!


Summer is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, and we’ve been enjoying the heat with some awesome tunes. Everyone has them– those songs that instantly transport you to a beach where you’re surrounded by salty breezes and the sound of crashing waves. Or maybe it’s lazily napping in a hammock underneath the canopy of blossoming trees. It could be the feeling of the air zipping by your face as you drive down the highway with friends, top down and sunglasses on. Whatever your summer moments are, you know there’s a soundtrack for it.

To kick off the inevitable Summer playlists, margotron hosted a fantastic multi-community-hosted event on July 10th celebrating summer’s best jams on plug.dj! The event’s hosting communities were: IndieGoogle+, YouTunes, Radiant Music, and I ♥ the 80s & 90s, with others from around plug.dj joining in to spin their favorite summer jams.

Naturally, this had all of us thinking of our own favorite summer jams. Here are the top picks from some of plug.dj’s BAs!

BA Sayonare starts it off with a personal favorite from Sentimental Scenery.

BA Naralith went with Logistics.

BA Rowan adds some chill to cool things down during the summer’s serious heat waves.

(Click on the post to check out the rest of our summer playlist!)

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