Halloween Events!!

Things are getting a little spooky with a bunch of events happening on Halloween!

blackandgreyKicking off things off on Halloween is a new community, Escape Reality. Bring your favorite creepy EDM tracks and have a great time! The event starts at 4am PDT.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.00.41 AMCome join Halloweentown’s Monster Music Bash! Join the open queue and play your best Halloween music or simply hang out for spooky music perfect for work or your Halloween party. Register for the raffle of treats!

meiizcAnime Cafe is hosting a day of Touhou music starting at 11am.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 1.36.23 PM
A Day of Darkness marks Just a Chill Room’s first Halloween event. Engulf yourself in non-stop, monstrous and murky music. Starts at 12pm!

October’s Small Community Highlight: Connect the Songs

Connect the Songs is this month’s winner of the Small Community Highlight. They have quite a unique theme by mixing music sharing with a game and breaking out of a one genre limit. To hangout and DJ in Connect the Songs you connect any FOUR consecutive letters of the song or artist the person is currently playing for your turn (Sting>>The Hurting).

1. What’s the best thing about your community?

Son of Mecha Mummy (Bouncer): The fact that you can hear anything in CTS, and in rapid succession. I love when two tracks that could not be more stylistically different are played due to to a word connecting and the transition actually sounds natural.

J_Dubb (Co-Host and Room Creator): Originally the best thing about CTS was discovering new music that you enjoy, now I’d have to say the best thing is the community. We’ve been very lucky to have become the preferred plug.dj home to a lot of really amazing people.

J-Step (R-DJ): It’s really amazing how involved the people are with the community and how much they care about what is going on with the other members.  We exchange Christmas gifts and play fantasy football.

Grendeltron (Manager): We get to play some real great music in a game setting. It’s the kind of thing I explain to friends constantly, and brings some of them on board. Then they ask “so, there are other rooms here, too?” And I have to respond “yeah, but… why?”

Captain Slope (Co-Host): CTS is an eclectic musical experience;  CTS is for people like me who aren’t fixated with one musical genre or mood.   Pandora never made sense to me since I like the chaos of random.    I never met a genre that I didn’t like, and there are great songs in every genre as long as you have good expert curators to expose you to them.   Oh wait – I hate those big voice pop divas.  But everything else I love.

Pyrette (Manager): I was both intimidated and in awe the first time my little avatar feet hit the slightly sticky floor of CTS (back in TT.fm days). I sat quietly and watched the game, read what these weirdos were talking about and finally stepped up to the deck. I haven’t left since, it’s a passion and an addiction. The people are amazing, the game is beyond fun and the music is always fresh. No other room feels like home, it’s CTS fo’ life!

Anchorage (Manager): Not only do you get to hear spins of today, yesterday and before I was born, but this room is the best little community I have ever been a part of on both plug and tt. It’s fun to meet new people and introduce them to the concept of CTS and watch as they gain confidence and become regulars. I honestly feel more comfortable telling my CTS peeps more things than some of my IRL friends. Judgement free zone and everyone kicks ass!

What artists are you excited about right now?

Son of Mecha Mummy (Bouncer): Janelle Monae, Mirah, Blazo. Various artists who don’t even put out albums or tour anymore but I’m only just now discovering them.

J_Dubb (Co-Host and Room Creator): I’m really not up to speed on what artists are doing in real-time. Phantogram and Bastille are a couple of artists I’ve been paying close attention to for a while, though.

J-Step (R-DJ): I am a Minnesota music nerd so of course the new Prince albums excite me.  I have also been really hoping that Lizzo would catch on.

Grendeltron (Manager): Found out about more through this room than I would have believed… We Were Promised Jetpacks, Bear Hands, The VirginMarys, Kasabian, many, many more.

Captain Slope (Co-Host): Gramtik, The Silver Seas, José  James, Poolside, Night Beats etc etc… every single one I heard first in CTS.

Anchorage (Manager): Broods, Catfish and The Bottlemen, The Night Terrors of 1979. Beck’s new album is great. I love live music and concerts so learning all of these new bands to check out on my travels is awesome!

3. What first inspired you to join/create this community?

Son of Mecha Mummy (Bouncer): Hit “random community” on TT.fm and landed in CTS, so I guess luck of the draw? What inspired me to stay was a friendly, inclusive atmosphere and a willingness to experiment musically.

J_Dubb (Co-Host and Room Creator): The original room creation story goes something like this: I was listening to one of my playlists one day skipping track after track because I’d heard them all a million times. I hopped on turntable.fm and wandered around to some rooms to try to discover some new music, but that was sort of annoying. The thought occurred to me to create a sort of play anything room. I think I tried that briefly and it was mostly overwhelmed with Top 40 tracks. It occurred to me that just because I wanted to get out of my musical comfort zones that didn’t necessarily mean others did. Enter CTS – a theme that would (hopefully) require people to get away from their normal playlists and seek out new songs that’d meet the rules of the room. 

J-Step (R-DJ): The first time I ever went into CTS (about the 3rd day of TT.fm experiment) I didn’t really understand the rules and played “surfin’ Bird” to connect to some other song that was about flying or something of the like.  I clearly didn’t understand the rules, or even bother to read them, but everyone was understanding and helped guide me to the successful connector that I am today. So even from the beginning it is all about the people.

Grendeltron (Manager): A buddy of mine who used to frequent the room started playing it on his phone when we were stuck in traffic together, back in the ttfm days. I loved the random shift of genres and started showing up in the room. Now I’m hopelessly addicted. Is there a CTS version of methadone?

Captain Slope (Co-Host):  Bumbling around TT… was always in “Play Anything” rooms but preferred having a system for limiting what song you were going to choose next, because i am incapable of making a decision.   How could anyone choose between “We Built This City” and Pantera?  Its hard if you don’t have to match 4 letters!

Pyrette (Manager): Some friends and I had actually started our own room with a similar theme back on TT.fm, but once I searched around and found CTS, nothing else could compare. Back then it was just a spreadsheet queue and the honor system for connecting, but it’s grown over the years with their very own bots and blog. I love the organization and the community. – Pyrette

Anchorage (Manager): The game aspect is a really fun and was new to me. I was intrigued to give it a go and now I’m hooked. CTS is now by far my favorite room on Plug!

What’s the best thing you’ve discovered on plug.dj?

J_Dubb (Co-Host and Room Creator): That people continue to surprise me with how passionate they are about our community, as well as music in general. When tt.fm went asunder I was pretty sure that was going to be the end of CTS. I was ready to set up a funeral pyre and send it on it’s way. I figured the small group of folks we had would all go in their own directions and do their own thing. Some of them did, but a core group of individuals stuck around and saw it through, and now we’re still going strong.

Grendeltron (Manager): The sheer amount of music that we can link to. I’ve filled a couple dozen playlists already. Most of those were grabbed from other connectors spinning along

Pyrette (Manager): My heart broke when TT.fm died, but then Plug offered a safe haven for all us refugees! The people are actually the best ‘thing’ I’ve discovered on plug. 

Anchorage (Manager): I love how the plug staff actually takes their member’s feedback and implements it onto the site. That is a very refreshing change from that website which shall not be named. 

What advice do you have for others working on starting a community?

Son of Mecha Mummy (Bouncer): Be cool and welcoming and find cool people who are also welcoming and chain them to your community. Make them love you, and love the room, and love the mission. Imprint subliminal messages into all the tracks you play. Rule with an iron fist.

J_Dubb (Co-Host and Room Creator): Start a community that you’re passionate about. Engage people that come in the room and get to know them. Ask for feedback on the community. What’s good, and more importantly, what’s bad? Never go to someone else’s community to try to “recruit” people for your own community. Let the people find you themselves. This will take time – Days, weeks, months. But stick with it.

J-Step (R-DJ): So many of the other rooms that I have been to act so elitist and it does not make me feel welcome.  If I go into a Jazz room and play “Take 5” and they decide to boot me because it is not snobby enough jazz for them, I doubt that I will go back unless it is to rant about how Dave Brubeck is a misunderstood genius and they don’t understand, so they are all scared.  And… now I’m kicked out again.

Anchorage (Manager): We have quite a few folks who have become friends in CTS and made our own spin-off rooms for certain ideas. A new room to play cool videos, a super secret theme room…I’ve said too much. All in all, be welcoming to new folks, find one of the many groups on FB that you can post about your new room to welcome others to join you. Just have fun!


Astre Interview

Astre is a French producer that started creating electronic music three years ago. His style is mostly based around Chill, and he has remixed a ton of tracks, including Zedd’s “Spectrum,” Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die,” Porter Robinson’s “Sad Machine” and Foster The People’s “Best Friend.” He also just released his Shambala EP, which can be found on his Soundcloud and YouTube pages. Be sure to also check out his Facebook and Twitter pages, too!

10697207_856611064373835_4375527947777157613_oWhen did you start producing EDM?

I started producing electronic music three years ago.

What are your favorite tools to use when producing?

I’m mixing on FL Studio, as I really like the piano roll and the fluidity that we can work with. I really love searching melodies.

Are you a good dancer?

I’m not sure, but I believe that the most important thing is to just dance, no matter how you do it.

Had you ever considered producing music when you were a child?

Not at all! It’s a chain of events that led me to music. At first, I really liked reading comics (as well as drawing them). Then came video games, cinema and now music! Music and visual art are my two biggest passions.

What do you think of the French EDM community ? Of the global EDM community?

I think that it is quite united and this can be felt through events, but I think it should be more open and widen its outlook. In my opinion, the “EDM” term is pretty restrictive.

Is there any specific artist you would love to ask on a date?

Dillon Francis, to help him search for his father!

Are you into gaming?

Rarely. Just one Worms game from time to time with friends.

Would you live in a future without cookies?

Tricky question. I love eating cookies in the evening, it’s kind of a ritual. So, I don’t think so!

I want to produce. What’s the best advice you can give me?

I think that learning the basics of the software you’re going to use is extremely important. And never give up!

Interview with Keyboard Kid

Self-proclaimed “kawaiistep” artist Keyboard Kid started producing in 2011 and released music under a different name until changing it in early 2014. The French producer has since released two great singles, “Spread the Colors” and “The Awakening Of Legends.”

You can keep up with his music via his Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter!

What is your driving force behind producing EDM music?

I’m not only producing EDM. I’m working on different styles, like Trap, Chill, Funk etc… I’m inspiring myself with all types of electronic music to create something original, that’s not usual. What’s inspiring me to make music is the fact that I’m free, that I do not have any limits nor rules. For me, it’s the best way I have to express who I really am.

What does your family think about your producing?

My family is very supportive and they’ve always been there to share their opinion. It’s a bit because of them that I am where I am now.

If you would wake up as a donut, would you consider eating yourself?

I would become a cannibal.

What do you like in EDM?

I like the melodies, the chords. That’s what awakens imagination and creativity. Beyond the words, music has the advantage of being emotionally direct.

What do you like about producing?10268469_767931469932277_1793818066085593392_n

The link that it creates between the music and the artist. It’s always exciting to have a new track to work on. It’s kind of the same relationship that a kid might have with his new toy.

Do you have any producers you look up to?

Favright and Mord Fustang. I’ve always followed their work and they inspire me a lot.

Would you be interested in doing a livemix?

Definitely. I’ve already received livemix offers, and I really plan on doing one soon.

Which style of video would you use for your music?

It would be similar to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “PONPONPON” clip. It would be happy and full of colors and dancing and joy.

Any producers you would want to collaborate with in the future?

One more time– Favright. He’s an ingenious and innovative artist whom I would have the most fun with.

What would be your answer to the claim that EDM is not music?

“Stop the music and go home.”

Event Highlights!

There are some great Halloween themed events coming up hosted by some awesome community members. We also have some special events coming up!

Special Events

Thursday 10am PDT/3pm GMT -2 will be hosting the first official plug.dj battle! Two Minecraft streamers will be taking turns playing songs to see who can get the most Woots/Grabs during the hour long DJ showdown. Come check out this all new series in https://plug.dj/battle.

Junte-se a nós para esta batalha de DJs. Nofaxu e RedstoneBR irão competir para ver quem sairá vitorioso! O evento acontecerá em https://plug.dj/battle às 3 da tarde (horário de Brasília)

Battle_RBR_Nof_2_smFriday at 11AM PDT Trap City will be hosting their 1 million subscribers party with some pretty great acts jumping in to celebrate. Come join their party in https://plug.dj/trapcity.

Community Hosted Events


This community is taking a spooky shift to play some Halloween themed shorts in https://plug.dj/halloweentown. Come hangout starting at 3am PDT on Friday!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.00.23 AMFiM will be hosting a Nightmare Night with special guests starting at 1pm PDT on Saturday all the way through Sunday!
Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.22.49 AMMystique will be hosting a SpooQtacular event on Saturday at 12pm PDT. Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.28.02 PM