Hey Brazil!

Thanks for letting us know the payment methods you would prefer to use as an alternative to PayPal and Credit/Debit Card.

tl;dr Because of your feedback, we have now added Boleto. Now you can rock those Winter Avatars, Badges, or Donate!

Don’t worry Europe, Paysafecard is coming soon.

We are continuing to read through your feedback to keep on improving the Plug Notes system. If you have an idea or we don’t cover a payment method you use send those suggestions on over to


Obrigado por nos deixarem saber sobre os métodos de pagamento que vocês preferem usar como uma alternativa ao PayPal e cartão de crédito/débito. 

tl;dr Devido ao seu feedback, nós adicionamos o Boleto. Agora vocês podem ostentar aqueles Avatares de Inverno, Emblemas ou fazer uma doação!

Não se preocupem Europeus, Paysafecard chegará em breve.

 Nós continuaremos a considerar seu feedback para melhorar o sistema de Plug Notes. Se você tiver uma ideia, ou se nós não tivermos um método de pagamento que você usualmente utiliza, nos envie sugestões para


New Avatar Set Badges


New badges are out! Unlock all the avatars in a group & you will earn a sweet FREE badge to go along with your avatar set. You can unlock these badges by collecting the entire set of avatars. So if you want to rock some of those robot avatars, grab them all and then show off your new chat badge.

We have more announcements coming, so stay tuned!

New Chat Level Feature!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.52.21 PM
The new chat level feature prevents people below a certain level from participating in chat until they level up.  This new feature was specifically added to allow communities to protect themselves from trolls making multiple accounts and attempting to spam the chat.

We encourage you to keep the chat level at 1 so your community seems as inviting as we know it is, and limit the use of Level 2 or Level 3 for urgent matters only.

To set your minimum chat level click your community name and then choose the level in the drop-down. This setting is only available to managers and above.

New Staff Chat Features

We are happy to bring community Managers, Co-Hosts, & Hosts a few more convenient ways to keep their community actively engaged and offer an easier way to communicate with all the staff in the community.

Note: Only Managers, Co-Hosts, & Hosts can utilize these functions in chat.

To use these new chat methods you use the @ just like if you were chatting to someone specific. The different ways to have staff chat are:

@djs: ­ Mentions everyone in the waitlist. This can be a great way to let everyone know a room event is about to start.

@rdjs: ­ Mentions all Resident DJs. This is great for letting the rdj’s know to shuffle their playlists or to stay active in chat.

@bouncers: ­ Mentions all bouncers in the community. Another great way to let other staff know someone is playing out of genre or spamming inappropriate things in chat. Bouncers can use this to notify fellow Bouncers.

@managers: ­ Mentions all managers. Much quicker and easier process to let fellow Managers know you need some help!

@hosts:­ Mentions all hosts and co hosts. A good way to reach out to all the hosts about any rules that may need to be tweaked or established.

@staff:­ Mentions all staff in the community. This is perfect to notify all staff to get them to help say hello to new community members, answer questions, or help moderate when need be.

@everyone: Mentions everyone in the community. Perfect to let the entire community know if there is an event starting! Only Host/Co-Hosts can use this feature.

We hope you enjoy this and use it to keep your community informed!


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.10.55 PM
Have you been wanting to grab some avatars that you aren’t a high enough level for?
Maybe you just want to earn some extra PP to unlock even more avatars.

Well now you can with Boosts!

Boosts increase your XP and PP earning for the duration of the Boost. You can choose from a 3 day, 7 day, 14 day or 30 day Boost! So if you unlock a 3 day Boost, your XP and PP will increase either 2x or 3x more (depending on which Boost you purchased) while you are on site for those 3 consecutive calendar days.

They activate as soon as you unlock them so make the most of your Boost by spending as much time hanging with your friends and sharing tunes on site as you can!

Boosts are available for those who are Level 5 up to Level 11. We are currently capping Boosts at Level 11 because we need time to create and release the Level 14 avatars (which are pretty sweet). Don’t worry! If you unlock a Boost and reach Level 12, your Boost will continue for its full duration.

You can grab Boosts in the Extras Shop!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ on Boosts here.