Flume Interview

1. Your newest Lorde remix was named the “sickest unreleased drop” by The Huffington Post. How did you come across this song and why did you choose that one to remix?

Really? I had no idea. Well, I had been hanging out with Lorde for a bit, and I initially tried to do a remix of Team. I was writing a beat for it and it seemed to be coming along, but when we tried it with Tennis Court’s vocals it just worked out better. I’m really excited for it to come out.

2. If you had the time, who else would you see at Coachella and why?

I got to see Outkast last week, so I’d have to say Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

3. Tell us about how What So Not came to be. Is it different producing under that name as opposed to Flume?

What So Not came about a while back, actually before I started producing as Flume. I went to see Chris play a show in Sydney and I thought, “Oh my god, this guy is amazing!”He was playing all this music that I was into, so I hit him up on Myspace the day after, and he started coming around every Thursday to make beats in my bedroom.

I haven’t really been able to play as What So Not as much lately because I’m so busy touring as Flume. And at the same time I’m writing music for both projects, so it’s pretty chaotic. But I really enjoy it; I’ve got one foot in the EDM door with What So Not, and Flume is kind of in the Indie world. It’s nice to have two different projects. I like writing all sorts of music, and I would feel trapped if I was just writing music for Flume. Writing for What So Not is kind of like an escape or an outlet for me because I get to write bangers and club music, which I can’t release under Flume.

4. There’s a ton of new talent coming from the Australian music scene. Who is someone you believe the world needs to keep an eye on?

I know that Wave Racer is doing really great things out there. I’d say that Touch Sensitive and Seekae are two artists and groups to definitely keep an eye on. Seekae has a new record coming out and it’s really really sick.

5. If you could have any superpower, which one would you pick?

I’d like to fly!

6. You’ve said that you’ve been everywhere but can’t imagine living anywhere other than Australia. Do you have any touring horror stories?

About eight months ago we went to Portugal for a festival, and it was a nightmare. The flight oversold and didn’t have any space for us, so we ended up having to buy new tickets at the very last minute. We ran to the gate and the production manager didn’t make it, so I ended up in Portugal by myself. I got to the festival with ten minutes to spare, and nobody spoke English. I had to set up all the visual stuff by myself and I didn’t know how to do it, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

plug.dj: That’s terrible!

Not only that, but the airline lost two of our bags as well, so I only had half of our stuff to set up up, it was horrible. And then for the next four shows we would be in a different country so the luggage would get sent to the place we were the day before. It took forever for us to get our stuff back.

7. Tell us about your experience at Holy Ship this year, what was that like?

(laughs) It was pretty raw. It was really fun, but it was chaos, absolute mayhem. There was a lot of partying and playing music at 6 in the morning. I didn’t see the sun for three whole days; I would wake up and it would already be dark, which has never happened to me before. I ended up getting pretty sick after the cruise though and had to stay in Miami for a few days before I could fly out.

8. How have you parents reacted to your success? Do they ever come to any of your shows?

Yeah definitely, they like to come out every now and then. My parents actually want to go to Paris, so we’ll fly them out the next time I’m there. But yeah, they’re definitely really stoked, and Mum’s finally stopped nagging about going to college, so that’s good.

9. What songs or artists are you currently listening?

FlumeI’ve been listening to Ganz, this guy from the Netherlands. Also Kaytranada, and a lot of stuff from the Soulection label. Really good stuff.

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