Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air, and guess what – it’s filled with the sound of music!

Whether you’ve got a special someone for this Valentine’s Day, or you’re celebrating Singles’ Awareness Day like me, you’re not alone. Our love for music, no matter the genre, is something that we all have in common. In the highs and lows of life – through the good times and the bad – music is the soundtrack to our life, and it’s best enjoyed together. It’s a uniting force, and in fact music is a form of communication that transcends borders and languages, to be enjoyed by all.

Personally, I love music because music is so diverse that there’s a perfect song for every person, every mood, and every moment. Sometimes an instrumental will be the perfect song to accompany how I’m feeling, and other times I’ll find a song with the perfect lyrics that convey what I’m not otherwise able to say. And of course, music is there for you, at all times – but that’s just how I feel about why I love music and what it does for me.

We asked, you answered; here’s what some of our fellow plug.dj users had to say:

Music speaks the words we can’t express and it shows our emotions when talking won’t help; it connects us together and grants us a greater understanding of one another. The plug.dj community is brought together by a love of music and shares in this wonderful and unique form of art, and I’m grateful for that.”  — TheBanHammer, Nightcore-331 co-host

I’ve got my own fun. I think music is all mood-related, and music is something we all need – when I’m listening to it, I can ‘escape’. It’s relieving. Sometimes, I have moments where I can have a feeling of detachment, and that makes it hard to focus on other people. Music acts as a common ground that helps me to relate to others more easily.”  Dreken, plug.dj user since Nov 2013

I love how music allows us engage with like-minded people from around the world. Whether it’s discussion about music, going to concerts, or listening to songs together – not many things can create bonds for life like music can. That’s what I find very special, and one of the many reasons why I love plug.dj. Kaphox, Popheads community owner

There you have it! Whether the love in your life is romantic or platonic, we all share a love of music as plug.dj users. Let us know in the comments below what yours plans are for today, and make sure to take advantage of all the v-day themed events being hosted on the site – have a great Valentine’s Day from all of us at plug.dj!

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1 thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Brett

    Music has always been a huge part for me and my family. I remember always being excited to have my father pick me up from grade school so that we could listen to some Led Zeppelin in the car ride home.

    Nowadays, I’m always excited to hear when my favorite artists are in concert so I can go with my brother or father or friends. I can’t wait to see what concerts I’ll be able to go to this year! It always lightens my mood!


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