MOBILE UPDATE: iOS and Android apps are now available!

The wait is over. The mobile app is here and ready to be downloaded for FREE!

Thats right, Android and iOS versions are now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store!


We have a lot planned for future versions of the app! We’d love your help continuing to get the word out through social media and sharing with friends and family! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter for any updates about the app!

BUGS: If you come across any bugs, please report them on our support forum so we can grab a hammer and smash them.

FEATURE REQUESTS: For any awesome feature requests, please submit them here!

the team


17 thoughts on “MOBILE UPDATE: iOS and Android apps are now available!

  1. Jirka Volf

    Hi. I just have a small question… can I create my own community room to play some music with my friends? 10Q for answer 😉

    1. Origin

      Yes you can! You need to be level 3 before you can create your own community though. So hang out in one that’s already been started for a little while and you’ll be level 3 in no time!

  2. Maxeh

    Let meh use safari to listen, it would be great as my phone’s iOS is at 7.1.2 and I would love to listen to plug when I want to. 😛

  3. avishay

    i dont have the favorites button in the app…
    its in the app? if not why its in the picture? and if it is why i dont have it?
    and why there is no way to go to your communities?

  4. Jimmy

    Please make it so that the music’s playing in the background even when our devices are locked please :((


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