Let me tell you a Secret…

I think people rarely talk about movies here, so let me bring a personal favorite Foreign language movie to you.

Movie Name: Secret
This is a Chinese movie. Directed by and starring  Jay Chou.

One of the best parts was this Piano battle part, and if you liked that, you should watch the rest of this movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-FdX1D5hVg

Full Movie I found on YouTube:


This movie’s storyline is good and interesting, and is related to music, love, family & time travel. Why is it so special & interesting? Tell us about how it made you feel after you watching it!

Hope you enjoy the movie and had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Your Brand Ambassador,


10 thoughts on “Let me tell you a Secret…

  1. Jeff

    Awesome movie, I am so glad you made me watch this movie with you on rabbit ;D That piano scene is the best! (but I bet you could beat him!) <3

    1. Yenn

      Thanks Jeff, hahaha, i dunno if i can beat him, but if have chance to play with him it sure very fun 😛 <3


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