Songs To Get You Ready For Spring…

Spring break serves as an important reminder that winter will not, in fact, last forever—even if, as yet another cold front takes over much of the planet; it really, really feels like it will. If you’re headed somewhere warm, you’ll get some much-needed sun after months of vitamin D deficiency, and if you’re just hanging in your favorite room for some quality chill time, you’ll certainly be ready to jam out to some upbeat tunes to get you ready for the warm weather that’s coming.

Regardless of your plans, no vacation is complete without the proper soundtrack to set the mood and get you pumped for the week ahead. From Bruno Mars to Drizzy Drake, here’s the perfect soundtrack to get you ready for spring.

Bruno Mars: 24K Magic – YouTube

First up, is the title track and lead single from Bruno’s latest synthesizes a bevy of influences into one of his most irresistible concoctions to date. This will get any party going this spring and/or help you to clean your entire place without stopping.

Rae Sremmurd: “Black Beatles” – YouTube

No matter how hard you try, there’s no escaping Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles.” The hip-hop duo dominated the world with this hit, and it’ll likely take over your vacation as well. It’s highly likely that someone will try to get one last Mannequin Challenge in, not realizing that 2016 is long gone, but that’s okay. Be a good sport; hold still for close to 30 seconds before being allowed to resume your dancing, then rest assured knowing that you can point yourself out in the viral video clip to your grandchildren someday.

Jon Bellion: “All Time Low” – YouTube

While the entire album is worth a listen, it’s one song, “All Time Low,” that you’ll become obsessed with. Without exaggeration, this selection will smack you in the face with the heavyweight obviousness of a Tyson uppercut, but others jab away at you, slowly working you over until you’ve completely surrendered. “All Time Low” is one of those songs – oh, and there’s also an incredible live acoustic version. You need to hear this. 

Clean Bandit  “Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie” – YouTube

As your week of freedom draws to a close, don’t fret — before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll have a solid three months to plan your next adventure or Game of Thrones viewing nights. Until then, make the most of the time you have left and rockabye baby with this goodie.

Drake – “Hotline Bling” – YouTube

No song is more appropriate for rounding out the end of spring break than Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Not only do those cool, island instrumentals give off those #TakeMeBack vibes, but for those who returned to real life hoping to hear from that special someone you met, only to be met with radio silence, Drizzy knows all too well what you’re going through. After all, they don’t call him Sad Drake for nothing. Try not to lose hope — maybe that hotline will eventually bling.

Written by BA Ramel

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