What are your favorite communities on plug.dj?

Communities are the key to making plug.dj a unique and fun place to share music. Sharing and discovering music together is a special experience many of us cherish on plug.dj.

We want to hear about communities that are special to you! We will periodically feature nominated communities here on the blog.

Users may nominate multiple communities. Communities may be nominated multiple times by multiple users!

Prepare the following information for your nomination:

  • Community name
  • Community URL (e.g. https://plug.dj/support)
  • Music theme description, if applicable
  • Genres, if applicable
  • How many users are in the community on a typical day?
  • Why this community is special to you?
  • Why you think we should feature this community?

We look forward to hearing about your favorite communities!

Your fellow community member,
Brand Ambassador margotron

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