Brand Ambassador of the Month: greySynapse

1. What is your username on and where do you like to hang out?

My username on the site is greySynapse, though greenSynapse is a nickname I’ve picked up since becoming a Brand Ambassador. Lately I’ve been hanging out in House of Rock & Metal and [Trance House Chill] in addition to my home room, Nightcore-331.

2. What music and artists are you excited about right now?

Currently I’m stoked about listening to trance and metal-core. [Trance House Chill]’s recent 24-hour event has gotten me enthused about listening to progressive and vocal trance again, primarily tunes under the Anjunabeats record label. In regards to metal-core I’ve been listening to Of Mice & Men’s first album, Rest, Repose, and Ocean Ate Alaska with their new vocals

3. Where are you from? What do you do for fun when you’re not on

I’m from sunny northern California where we’ve been having some serious weather swings from hot to cold and back again repeatedly in the past month. When I’m not on the site I’m either reading science fiction, exploring new food spots, listening to audio-books, gaming with my friends, or working on a design project in Photoshop, Unity, or Visual Studio.

4. Are you in school, or do you have a job?

Both! I’m currently attending school for my bachelor’s with the intention of eventually working as a game developer, but currently I work part-time as a graphic designer and office assistant.

5. What are some things you hope to accomplish personally next year?

Some of my short term goals include: improving my After Effects skills by making new song mix videos, reading more Star Wars novels, and polishing recent work to showcase in my online portfolios. Within the next 8 months I intend to have gone snowboarding again which I haven’t in the past few years, and found a full-time job for next summer rather than part-time.

6. What inspires you to be a Brand Ambassador?

I was originally inspired to become a Brand Ambassador by my desire to contribute to more beyond just the community I was a part of, which at the time didn’t offer many opportunities for helping outside of moderation. As I’ve gotten to know and work with the rest of the Brand Ambassador team, they’ve become my source of inspiration through their constant creativity, hard work, and contributions towards the entire plug community.

7. How do you contribute to the community as a BA?

A few ways I contribute through the BA program are: creating graphics for community events and the site’s blog, assisting wherever I can with site issues, answering queries or suggestions on our Reddit, and I’m currently planning and writing content for our Small Communities Task Force, as we’re aiming to start publishing new content in the coming months which I hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂

8. Why do you love What’s the most exciting thing about

Originally I joined with my friends following the closure of After a brief spell of using our small community together I started exploring the rest of the site and eventually got to meet dozens of interesting and passionate individuals from different communities. I love the international culture and accessibility that provides for meeting new people with a shared interest in music.

What excites me the most about is the never ending discovery. There’s something new to learn every single day whether that means discovering new artists or genres, learning a new skill or performing research to tackle an issue, encountering a new situation, or learning new cultural facts through the international community culture of

9. What’s the most common question you get about, and how do you answer it?

There hasn’t been a question since the release of the mobile app that I’ve found to be overwhelmingly common. Most of the questions I’m asked are situational and unique!

Though if I had to choose one it would be “What’s a Brand Ambassador?” I’ll answer this question by providing a short summary of the role in addition to what I do within the program while explaining how each Brand Ambassador is unique in their contributions to the site though we often times work in tandem.

10. Any final thoughts, advice or shout outs you’d like to share?

In closing I’d like to share two things. “In music the passions enjoy themselves” – Friedrich Nietzsche, and a shout out to Ostekage for his patience for which I’m grateful.

Thanks for reading!

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