Community Feature Interview: Move It – Brasil

We are very happy to feature Move It – Brasil as the nominated favorite community for June 2017!

  1. What’s the best thing about your community?

The staff and user interaction in the chat is the best thing in the community. The staff is always receptive with new users helping them out with their questions and orientating them to have the best experience, and the older users feel free to chill back and relax, play around with the rest of the known community members.


  1. What artists or genres of music have been popular in your community recently?

The most popular genres in the community are EDM, Rock, Pop and Rap/Hip-Hop, confirming the recent surveys made by Plug.


  1. What first inspired you to join/create this community?

At first the community was made to find out how is it to be a room owner on plug, what kind of powers and freedom it gives you, etc. Afterwards it was used to listen to music with friends, chat and relax.

After a while, discovering other rooms and how they worked, I decided, along with some friends, make the community grow with promotion as well as setting up everything the most popular rooms had: Bots, Rules, Facebook, Website, etc.

Today it’s the passion for the music that inspires to keep the community, make it grow as well as see people you can always rely on to share experiences and have some fun.


  1. What’s the best thing you’ve discovered on

The best thing is being able to find new people, new music and the differences between everyone, and despite the differences, being able to spend time together. It is being able to discover music of all kinds, make friends and have fun with everyone.


  1. What advice do you have for others working on starting a community?

My advice is to be patient, invite your friends to hang out in your room and with time other users will show up. Be always friendly with everyone that arrives in the room, define rules to keep to keep everyone satisfied and knowing how to set up bots and community customization helps your room too.

And most importantly, have dedication and love for what you do <3

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