Newest BA Interviews! Behind the scenes. (Part 2)

Now that you have been in the role for a bit, is it different than you imagined it would be? If so, how?

Dee – There’s more work involved than people expect. We don’t just room hop and let people see our green badge! We’ve got tasks and such that keep us on our feet constantly.

Vixen – Yes and no. There is more than meets the eye, that is for sure! But overall, being a Brand Ambassador for has been about what I expected.

VainGlorious – It is in many ways exactly how I imagined things to be when I applied, but I never thought I would gain so many excellent friendships so fast, not only within the BA program but all across the site.

greySynapse – Surprisingly so! I originally came in with the expectation of having assigned tasks from the Community Managers or Brand Ambassador leaders, and while that is partially the case, it’s a significantly self driven role requiring you to start your own projects to contribute towards the community, and brand.

Clannad – Yes, at first I imagined it would be a stressful role to play within the community. The Community Managers and the Brand Ambassador team have done a great job of making the whole working environment a friendly and easy to work in place.

WarriorCatsRox – Before joining the Brand Ambassador Team, I didn’t realize how much some of the Brand Ambassadors do for! Many work around the clock to make sure things stay in order as well as try to make the site a fun and interesting place to be. Although it’s a lot of work at times, I enjoy helping out!

What is your favorite part about being a Brand Ambassador?

Dee – Being set as a bouncer in rooms even though I have global staff permissions. For real it would be the amount of thanks and happy people I see off too on a daily basis.

Vixen – The projects and getting to meet so many cool people!

VainGlorious – My favourite part so far is exploring new communities and having the opportunity to help other users. I also enjoy exercising the creative side of my brain as part of the blog and instagram teams!

greySynapse – My favorite part is interacting and working with the rest of the team on tasks together, in addition our projects come to fruition.

Clannad – Personally for me, my favorite part is being able to help people on through both the site itself and the taskforces.

WarriorCatsRox – I love everything about being a Brand Ambassador! One thing that I particularly love is being able to visit many communities and listen to all sorts of different music. Before I became a Brand Ambassador, I spent most of my time in only one community. Becoming a Brand Ambassador gave me the opportunity to meet many different kinds of people.

What is the hardest part of the role for you?

Dee – Beating Burkes to SOS calls ;-;

Vixen – Time management. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is a volunteer role.

VainGlorious – I haven’t found anything to be overly challenging so far, but perhaps finding a new balance between work time and plug time. Work for me can be so hectic and hard to predict, it can be hard to manage my schedule efficiently.

greySynapse – It’s undoubtedly balancing obligations and time to try avoiding feeling overwhelmed with real life, friends, my hobbies, and Brand Ambassador duties.

Clannad – The hardest part of the role for me would be speaking up about things being discussed both in the main Brand Ambassador chats and the taskforce chats when I first became a Brand Ambassador. Since then I have become a lot more comfortable with sharing my thoughts with the rest of the team.

WarriorCatsRox – One thing that I find hard about being a Brand Ambassador is keeping up in some of the Taskforces. In some of them, there aren’t that many people in them, so it’s hard to keep up with some of the work. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming!

What piece of advice would you give to someone who may be thinking about becoming a Brand Ambassador?

Dee – Don’t become a BA if you’ll take it easy. Constant communication with admins and tasks keep you checking group chats and jumping around plug rooms.

Vixen – Be creative, be upbeat, and don’t stop trying to make better! is who its users make it!

VainGlorious – If you have a passion for music and, and are interested in being a part of this amazing team and contributing to the well-being of the website then apply! Don’t take it too seriously, have fun and let your skills shine.

greySynapse – You should always keep an open, and flexible mind throughout the process of the program and trial towards feedback you receive from other Brand Ambassadors or the Community Managers. It will often times help immensely when you need it but might not realize it at the time.

Clannad – Don’t be put off if you are not accepted the first time you apply. I first applied to become a Brand Ambassador back in mid 2015. After not being accepted I waited for a while and once resurfaced in 2016 I thought it would be a great time to apply again and luckily was accepted into the program in early 2017.

WarriorCatsRox – If you are looking to become a Brand Ambassador, make sure not to give up if you aren’t accepted the first time! Even if you have applied before, you have plenty of time to improve yourself and become better. It just takes a little hard work and effort and you have a chance of being accepted! Never give up on a goal that you want to achieve.

By BA Vackule for his trial project!
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