Newest BA Interviews! Getting to know them. (Part 1)

What first brought you to

Dee – I stumbled across it randomly while on holiday. A friend shared a link to the trap city room back in 2013.

Vixen – Gaming! I found out about through friends that I game with.

VainGlorious – I belonged to a Harry Potter fan site called and a few of the users there had linked the site and would use it sometimes for events.

greySynapse – Originally I was a user with a group of close friends and once we found out the site was being shut down we immediately began looking for a replacement. Eventually we came upon and joined up together, creating a private community for our gaming group. As time went on they stopped using and I remained, eventually exploring new communities leading up to where I am today.

Clannad – The first time I ever discovered was back in 2014 when I was talking to people in a group chat online and one of them sent a link to their community. I happily joined and since then have had many great moments on the site that I will remember.

WarriorCatsRox – I was actually taking a computers class at my school and saw that someone was using the site to listen to music. At the time, I was a very big fan of music and was tired of making playlists on YouTube. A lot of the songs on YouTube were getting old for me and I was tired of hearing the same songs over and over. As soon as I joined, I knew that I would love the site. I especially loved all the cute little avatars!

Why did you become a Brand Ambassador?

Dee – I became a brand ambassador because I enjoy helping people out, communicating with singers, producers and artists and generally gaining valuable volunteer experience.

Vixen – I totally support and I totally love the idea of a community of all nationalities coming together through music!

VainGlorious – After making plug a part of my daily routine for over 2 years, I thought it would be a nice to give back as much I can and help in whatever capacity to be a better place for us all to hang out and share music together.

greySynapse – I became a Brand Ambassador mainly because I wanted to assist more users than just the ones in my frequented community as I find the experience gratifying and thus enjoyable. While that’s still possible as a regular user, the Brand Ambassador role offers greater visibility. In addition I wanted to assist the brand however I could through my design skills and anything else.

Clannad – The main reason I became a Brand Ambassador is because I wanted to help people within the community. I would love to see grow back to the population it used to have and even surpass that.

WarriorCatsRox – I always wanted to do more to help out the community as well as the people in it. Helping others always makes me smile and I enjoy doing it!

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Dee – Rory.

Vixen – How did you know?! I am obsessed with dinosaurs, but my favorite is a tie between velociraptor and allosaurus, mainly for their intelligence, pack-mentality, and hunting prowess! (In my mind they are all adorable puppies!)

VainGlorious – This one! HEHE

greySynapse – After performing some excavating online to answer this question, velociraptors are probably my favorite dinosaurs based on they’re fast, carnivores, and skinny.

Clannad – Yoshi.

WarriorCatsRox – My favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex of course! They are a little scary I know, but they can’t reach you if you hide in a corner. They got a big head, but little arms!

By BA Vackule for his trial project!
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