Mobile Update: Version 2 Released!

Version 2 has been released for Android and iOS!
Download the recent update by clicking on the buttons below!


What’s New?

+ My Friends list
+ My Friends management
+ Ability to add friends
+ Ability to view user profiles
+ Ability to show/hide NSFW communities
+ Settings gives users the ability to control chat images, mention sounds, and chat only mode (no video/audio)
+ Support for multiple languages
+ Community and host name for room search
+ Waitlist ban warning

~ Song renaming
~ Titles/chat without text errors
~ Site announcements no longer display HTML tags
~ Room ban duration
~ Tapping usernames in chat
~ Errors from reopening app
~ Closing keyboard after chat

                                                      Friends List and All Friends


                                                   User Profile and App Settings


                              Notification of Being Banned from Wait List (booth)


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