Power-User Experience Survey Results!

Our survey goal was to understand and gather your feedback for both web and mobile, regarding features, site issues and support!

General Information
In total, 380 people took the survey

 What does the community say?

  • “The ways to contact plug.dj often are un-efficient. At times it take a long time to find someone able to respond. or you are unsure if they handled it. Email isn’t an effective problem for short time help and plenty of people do not have a twitter/facebook account or know about the plug.dj discord.”
  • “I remember asking a question at the forum and the BA not answering it at all, instead he said something else i didn’t need…”
  • “Some BAs are just ignoring messages …”

We really value your feedback and will take those opinions into consideration while
we try to improve!

Plug.dj Community Contributors

Design of plug.dj

First up, the web interface.


Next, mobile apps interface.

What does the community say?

  • You can’t help that but no background playing on mobile apps is a game changer.
  • The mobile app may just need more features, but the ground work is there, and it is fine as is for sure! Love it.
  • Mobile needs a bit of an overhaul imo. I know it’s new but there should be more features and easier and clearer to what you can do on it and where everything is.

These are of course some of the chosen comments by few survey participants. Although our mobile apps are still pretty new, we’ll take your comments into consideration while delivering new updates to you in the future!

Written by BA Tagzz:

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. This was my first project that I’d done for the site and I’m astonished with the amount of feedback I’ve gathered. This has proven to me that plug.dj has a base of dedicated users who keep  this site alive and I’m happy that I can be here to do my best and help to grow an amazing community of music fans.

I’d also like to thank BA margotron for her mentoring during my trial. She was the first person I’d encountered on my journey and she has given me lots of motivation for this program and the site.

This is just the beginning for me and I’m honestly excited for what plug is planning in the future and I’m glad we can all be a part of it.

For the full survey report with more results and information, click on the button below!

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