Mobile Update for Android: Background Play Workaround and More!

Version 2.3 has been released for Android!
Download the recent update by clicking on the button below!

What’s New?


Ability to Play Music out of App with a Floating Window or on a Locked Screen with Dimmed Brightness

Staff Moderation Tools!
+ Delete Chats
+ Skip a User’s Song
+ Changing a User’s Staff Role to Resident DJ, Bouncer, Manager, Co-Host, or Host
+ Ban a User from Community
+ Mute a User in Community
+ Wait List Ban a User in Community

User Lists!
+ Add or Remove User to or from the Wait List
+ DJ Queue, Current Users, Staff, Ban, Mute, Booth Ban, and Ignore Lists

Read about the Moderation features here:
As well as the User Lists:

3 thoughts on “Mobile Update for Android: Background Play Workaround and More!

  1. pighunter213

    YEES THANK YOU! The ability to play stuff in the background was definitely needed and i like what you did to make it work. Also it’s great that staff can now do their staff stuff now.

  2. Darthus

    Is there a workaround for playing music without having a window floating around, say like how youtube music with a red account does? or any other music playing app (i.e – Google music, foobar2000, android music player). Having a floating window greatly limits the use of the device when a portion of your screen is blocked by this “feature”.


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