Starting a Community on

Starting a Community

When you own or start a Community on there’s a lot you need to keep in mind. This blog will help you get started. What exactly you need to keep in mind? How did others do it?

Getting started

When you just start a Community there’s some things you need to get started on. First, make your community! Choose a name that fits your community. Is it based on a specific genre? Is it for a group of friends? Or are you making one for a forum, game or site? This might help you choose a fitting name.

“Get a group of friends that wants to found a community with you and set up some really basic rules, no need to be precise, they’ll improve on their own with time. Have fun, share music together, try to get new users involved and who knows, maybe your community will be one of the best around!” – WiBla, host Electro-House


When you’ve started your Community it’ll be awfully empty, now is the time to really make it your own. When clicking your community name in the top right corner you’ll see your Community settings. You can edit your description here, tell people what your Community is all about. Most Communities will also have a list with rules in their description, your community will also need some rules to keep things clean, at first just a basic list will do it.. When making your rules, keep in mind that also has site wide rules. You’ll find these rules here. This is an example of some basic rules:


  • Please keep music matching our theme
  • English only
  • No songs longer than 8 minutes
  • No explicit content
  • No trolling/insulting others
  • Respect staff and their decisions

“It’s necessary to have rules well written and easy to understand, and it is necessary to know when to put them into action or not.” – Mr.Elaaps, Electro House FR-EN and host Combat de Coq,Bûche et Tradition

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from friends in your Community. They might think of something else you haven’t thought of yet. When clicking your Community name you’re also able to change its welcome message. This message will display in the chat when someone enters your Community so make sure it says something nice ;). From here you’re also able to turn the DJ cycle on or off. When you have your DJ cycle enabled the DJ will rejoin the DJ wait list after they play a song. Next to this you can lock or unlock the DJ wait list. When you lock this the waitlist will only be available to your staff.

Choosing the right staff

When your Community grows bigger you’ll need staff. You need responsible people that know your rules and will punish people accordingly. Your staff needs to be able to act on their own but just how you want them to. Start with someone you trust or is active in chat. Be sure they know your rules and when to skip songs. You might want to start this person as a bouncer just to see how they’ll do.

“Choosing staff by how frequent they come and hang out with us as well as they enjoy the same music as we do. And also have a decent grasp on our community rules.” – Madtanker, Co-Host EDM Basement

Draw a crowd!

If your Community is really empty you could try to invite some people to it. It’s always nice to have a crowd who’s listening. Try sharing a link of your community on social media, you’ll find a sharing button in the bottom right, next to your playlists. If you made a Community for a specific site you could try and share it with them (but remember to ask permission first!). also has its own discord, you can share your Community in #promote-community. There’s also an event calendar and if you want to start your own event you can fill out the form right here. When people are joining your Community it might be nice to chat for a bit and get to know them. Whenever someone is a good DJ you might want to give them Resident DJ, this will encourage them to play some more nice songs!

“When someone says “Hi” in chat I say “Hi” back as fast as I can to give them the best experience possible, I just try to have a nice conversation with them and help them learning about if they don’t understand some things.” – Timowh, Co-Host ϟ●Electro Dubstep & Techno●ϟ

I hope this blog post was informative for you and I wish you the best of luck creating or growing your own Community. I wish to see it sometime!

Written by Cyloon as a Brand Ambassador Trial Project


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