Mobile Update: Community Info/Settings

Version 2.6 has been released for Android!

Download the recent update by clicking on the button below!

What’s New?

Added: Community Info/Settings!

+ View the community name, description, and welcome message by tapping on the community name at the top
+ Edit the community name, description, and welcome message as staff
+ Lock/Unlock Wait List as staff
+ Turn DJ Cycle On/Off as staff
+ Change chat level as staff

View of Community Info and of the Community Settings

To get to the Community Info/Settings, click on the Community Name at the top


(Note: to edit the name, description, and welcome message you must be a co-host/host
& to change the community settings, you must be a manager+)

2 thoughts on “Mobile Update: Community Info/Settings

  1. Anxiety

    I have been using plug dj for a while, i loved it since i heard from it, been about a year using it, also been using the phone version but not the android, worked perfectly, tried the android one… couldnt have it playing while i answer texts why? simply because of youtube bs, so i said w.e and kept using my phone version one because it was like web one but on phone! BUT recently plug is installing weird shit on my phone for no reason, including virus and bs that turns off my my phone data gets consumed, equaly to money.. but i didnt notice it was plug until i reseted my whole phone and best idea i got was open plug to listen to music, and whaaaat… a virus.. nice.
    So thanks a lot for screwing the phone web version a long with the android one. what’s next? the web version?


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