Announcing: Community Settings!

We have very big news!

A new way to describe and style your community is here!

Since the return of in 2016, it has been a huge goal of our team to provide a way for our hosts to make their communities more welcoming and appealing to their members.

We wanted to give each host new abilities to customize their room from the picture and cover, to more specific information like genre, sub-genre, language, custom links, and descriptions, as well as one of the most requested features to change the community background!

Any of the backgrounds during this release are free, but make sure to activate them by purchasing them in the store!

Along with these changes being visible on the website, they’ll also be seen on your phone browsers!


Let us know how you like it and help spread the news on our social media!


4 thoughts on “Announcing: Community Settings!

  1. Alex Mizanin

    Actually you guys should praise for the excelence of your product. I see you making a lot of updates with new features but nothing about the old issues like songs getting stuck and playlists disappearing.
    You guys always want new people but in my perspective you should make the place more confortable to people who are already in your site.
    I have 149 friends, but only 5 of them are always playing and maybe 15 or less are joining plug in a more casual way. The fact is, people aren’t passionated about it as they was last year.
    In my opinion this update is meaningless unless you are new.
    Start working on fixing bugs and listening to people who are already in.

  2. Scott S

    Can someone please explain how to update the genre/subgenre and link parts of the Community Info? I keep trying but it does not save. What am I doing wrong?


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