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Mobile Update: Version 2 Released!

Version 2 has been released for Android and iOS!
Download the recent update by clicking on the buttons below!


What’s New?

+ My Friends list
+ My Friends management
+ Ability to add friends
+ Ability to view user profiles
+ Ability to show/hide NSFW communities
+ Settings gives users the ability to control chat images, mention sounds, and chat only mode (no video/audio)
+ Support for multiple languages
+ Community and host name for room search
+ Waitlist ban warning

~ Song renaming
~ Titles/chat without text errors
~ Site announcements no longer display HTML tags
~ Room ban duration
~ Tapping usernames in chat
~ Errors from reopening app
~ Closing keyboard after chat

                                                      Friends List and All Friends


                                                   User Profile and App Settings


                              Notification of Being Banned from Wait List (booth)


Announcing: Updated Search!

Attention All Users!

We have just updated our Community Search functionality to better locate your favorite rooms to visit! You are now able to search by the community title and host name!

IMPORTANT: When searching for a room by community name and host name there must be at least 1 user currently in the community and the community must have at least 1 song  played.

– The Plug Team

Announcing: Waitlist Bans!

Raise your hand if this scenario sounds familiar – you are in a room and the music AMAZING when all of the sudden (record squeak noise) someone decides to play a tune completely outside of the rules/genres of the room.

Your ears start to bleed a bit, the Meh vote counter quickly explodes, someone posts a WTF? image in chat, small puppies all over the world begin to cry… This may have been an honest mistake, an error in judgement, a neglect to read the community rules, or an individual (points to the trolls) is doing it on purpose.

Until today, room staff had limited powers to battle this injustice.

We’re happy to announce a Waitlist Bans as a new moderation feature available to all communities on

How does the Waitlist Ban work?

Waitlist bans will enable room staff to ban users from joining the waitlist temporarily or permanently. The concept is very similar to room bans except that users can still chat and listen to music in the community, but won’t be able to play music themselves until the ban time period ends or room staff removes the permanent ban.

How to use waitlist bans

Waitlist bans have a very similar process with banning.

  1. Click the user you want to ban in the avatar audience, chat, or user list.
  2. Click the “Booth Ban” from the rollover that displays .
  3. When the the ban dialog box displays, select your time duration for the ban and reason for banning the user.


Bouncers and higher (+) can ban users from the waitlist.

Managers and higher (+) can view the list of waitlist banned users and they can also unban users similar to room bans.


What does the user see if they are waitlist banned?

As soon as the user is banned a dialog displays to the user stating that they have been banned and the duration of the ban.

If a user that has an active ban attempts to “Join Waitlist” in that community, they will see a dialog reminding them that they are still banned. If this has happened to you and you want to get this resolved, please contact the room staff.