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Android: Background Play Extension

Finally, the long wait is over!

Playing music in the background through our app is now much easier with this newly released background play extension.

For years users have been creating their own plugins/browser extensions and bots to user for Today marks the first extension released for the Android app.

Shout out to those involved with Radiant RCS, Plug3, Basic Bot, Chillout Music Bot, Nightcore Bot, Tastybot, TranceHouseChill Bot, Nightblue Bot, Radiant Bot…



1. Download and Install the Background Play Extension
2. Update to the latest version of the android app
3. Open the app and click on the icon at the top left to open the menu.
4. Click on Extensions
5. Enable Background Mode

If you haven’t already downloaded the extension and are on the extension page, click the + icon and download it from the Google Play store and follow the instructions above.


Let us know how you like it and help spread the news on our social media!


Want to build your own extension for the Android app?
Click here for more information

Mobile Update: Community Info/Settings

Version 2.6 has been released for Android!

Download the recent update by clicking on the button below!

What’s New?

Added: Community Info/Settings!

+ View the community name, description, and welcome message by tapping on the community name at the top
+ Edit the community name, description, and welcome message as staff
+ Lock/Unlock Wait List as staff
+ Turn DJ Cycle On/Off as staff
+ Change chat level as staff

View of Community Info and of the Community Settings

To get to the Community Info/Settings, click on the Community Name at the top


(Note: to edit the name, description, and welcome message you must be a co-host/host
& to change the community settings, you must be a manager+)