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Dear Music: An Open Letter

Dear Music,

As I sit scrolling from room to room on, I wonder do you realize how much you’ve done for me or how you’ve impacted my life? I can’t thank you enough for the relationship we have.

I know we’ve been friends since childhood and sometimes I feel like I don’t appreciate you enough. You’ve helped me through the ups and downs, and you always seem to know what to say. You are beautiful in all your different forms and genres, and what better way to give thanks for everything you’ve done for me than on this Brand Ambassador journey.

I’d like to think that our relationship all started in elementary school when my kindergarten class would learn nifty little songs in order to remember basic knowledge. Without you, I wouldn’t have really appreciated the “ABCs” without the Jackson 5, or the days of the week through the song “Saturday Love” by Cherrelle, and lastly the importance of the months of a year like “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire as easily as I did. It seems like such a small detail, but it’s the little occurrences like that:  you show up and helped me out, even as a young man.


Music… You are there for me regardless of what’s going on in my life. Which is how I discovered Well… Not just yet… I had heard for what I had thought was the last ‘no’ in my quest to become an R&B/Soul artist. On a flight back home, I was surfing through the internet for new ways to stream music and came across To my surprise this site was just what the soul doctor ordered. I was welcomed with open arms in a room called “Soulful Strut” and man did my music experience change. The song selections, the people, and the milestone parties gave me a musical outlet to enjoy you again.  I knew I could count on you to be there for me at any hour of the day or night and you and Soulful Strut comforted me during hard times, calmed me down during stressful times, enlivened the celebratory times, brightenedy days, and so much more. You’ve seen me through every stage and phase of my life. You’ve grown with me. You’re part of every significant memory I have. I was revived and it was all because of you.

But something happened. As much as people all loved, they decided to shut it down to fully concentrate on the “Live” experience. The decision to do that was tough on its faithful listeners like me but the night of the final party a member of Soulful Strut gave us the name of a website that wanted to throw our next party…


In comes

One of the many things I love about you is how you bring people together. did just that… a bit snappier, there were more avatars and fun things to do with your character, and definitely a more global audience. Some of my happiest memories are being with friends and family in Soulful Strut, SOULZONE and YouTunes while chatting, singing and dancing together… or shall I say “WOOT” together. There have been plenty of times where you have made the experience on what it is. AWESOME!

R.I.P. (2012-2015)

But something happened again… After two years, making it to level 17 and becoming the host of Soulful Strut, was forced to close their doors. This couldn’t be happening. I wasn’t ready for this. I was so vested into building this website that I vowed not to move on. I went from room to room campaigning for others to be a “Gold Subscriber.” We were successful in holding the doors open for some time but to no avail it was over. Where else would I get to experience you in the ways that I have for so many years???? is back! (2016-present)

And then it happened… No, no, this time it was good thing! July 25, 2016 The Facebook post read, “Official Update: is now owned by Rowl.” I’m still picking up confetti off the floor to this day. The great thing about this post was to hear how the company was going to place tremendous focus on community and the user experience. I was all-in and made the decision to try and become a Brand Ambassador. had been good to me from day one and I felt what better way than to pay it forward. You see what you made me do, music!


As I begin to take this BA journey, one of the things I’ve learned from administration and my mentor margotron is to search through many more of’s communities. I’ve discovered that you are even more beautiful in all your different forms and genres, and what better way to give thanks for everything that you’ve done for me than to say thank you, music. 

I like to think you’re the closest thing people have to magic. The fact that every person in the world is able to connect on streaming sites like is because of you… and for that, I thank you again.

Lastly, my dear friend, I’m grateful for all you have given this world. I may not have found all the right words to express how much you mean to me, but as I “Hang Out” in the Urban Suite I’m asking you… No, not you music but the person reading this right now… I’m asking you to reply in the comments of this blog post regarding “your” experience with music and how you were introduced to It can be as long or as short as you would like. REMEMBER: IT’S YOUR EXPERIENCE!!!

A plug junkie on BA trial

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air, and guess what – it’s filled with the sound of music!

Whether you’ve got a special someone for this Valentine’s Day, or you’re celebrating Singles’ Awareness Day like me, you’re not alone. Our love for music, no matter the genre, is something that we all have in common. In the highs and lows of life – through the good times and the bad – music is the soundtrack to our life, and it’s best enjoyed together. It’s a uniting force, and in fact music is a form of communication that transcends borders and languages, to be enjoyed by all.

Personally, I love music because music is so diverse that there’s a perfect song for every person, every mood, and every moment. Sometimes an instrumental will be the perfect song to accompany how I’m feeling, and other times I’ll find a song with the perfect lyrics that convey what I’m not otherwise able to say. And of course, music is there for you, at all times – but that’s just how I feel about why I love music and what it does for me.

We asked, you answered; here’s what some of our fellow users had to say:

Music speaks the words we can’t express and it shows our emotions when talking won’t help; it connects us together and grants us a greater understanding of one another. The community is brought together by a love of music and shares in this wonderful and unique form of art, and I’m grateful for that.”  — TheBanHammer, Nightcore-331 co-host

I’ve got my own fun. I think music is all mood-related, and music is something we all need – when I’m listening to it, I can ‘escape’. It’s relieving. Sometimes, I have moments where I can have a feeling of detachment, and that makes it hard to focus on other people. Music acts as a common ground that helps me to relate to others more easily.”  Dreken, user since Nov 2013

I love how music allows us engage with like-minded people from around the world. Whether it’s discussion about music, going to concerts, or listening to songs together – not many things can create bonds for life like music can. That’s what I find very special, and one of the many reasons why I love Kaphox, Popheads community owner

There you have it! Whether the love in your life is romantic or platonic, we all share a love of music as users. Let us know in the comments below what yours plans are for today, and make sure to take advantage of all the v-day themed events being hosted on the site – have a great Valentine’s Day from all of us at!

Gin, Brand Ambassador