Official Update: is now owned by Rowl is now owned by Rowl.

Thanks again for taking the time to check back in. We really appreciate your patience while we found the best home that could ensure a long-standing future for the music service we all love.

We’re here to stay!

So why Rowl?

Rowl is a great company that places a tremendous focus on community and user experience, which is the very same foundation we created in 2012. Rowl is well funded and coupled with your continued support, we can ensure that will be around for as long as there’s an audience to support it’s existence.

What’s next for

Good question. The current focus is on stability and getting the new team up to speed as quickly as possible. Myself and some of my colleagues are helping with the transition.

In the past, we experimented with many different features/models to ensure that was always super fun while enabling us to keep the site online. There will continue to be a strong focus on evolving into a more sustainable platform and with your help we know we can get there.

We’re listening so please keep the helpful feedback coming.

As always, you can reach us at with your suggestions, feedback and any questions you may have.

We fought a long and hard battle keeping running, and even after temporarily shutting down, your support has enabled us to ultimately rise from hibernation. Your funding has helped us relaunch and support the new

If you were a subscriber post September 2015, your subscription will be extended to the end of August.

Thanks again for your continued support and patience while we work through this transition. Your passion and support for has always been the lifeblood of our community.

As always, we will continue to work hard to make sure your experience as great as it can be.